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Day Old Chicks


Day old, Blast frozen Chicks. These are euthanised in machines developed by Honeybrook Farm, working with the humane slaughter Association and the University of Bristol’s animal welfare specialist Dr M.Raj.

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Day Old Chicks.

Typical analysis:

All Values based on Dry Matter Analysis.

Protein: 62.2%

Fats & Oils: 24.2%

Ash: 7.4%

Fibre: 0.8%

Calcium: 0.38%

Phosphorus: 0.28%

Ca:P Ratio: 1.36

Energy: 6.02 kcal/g Dry Matter

Iron: 34mg/kg

Copper: 0.9mg/kg

Zinc: 29.9mg/kg

Thiamine (B1): 16mg/kg



  • This product has no artificial colours, preservatives, flavours, cereals or fillers.