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Fishy Comets


  • SOURCE OF VITAMIN D. It’s now thought that vitamin D deficiency might be a factor in many diseases, such as multiple sclerosis and diabetes.
  • SOURCE OF PROTEIN, CALCIUM, SELENIUM, NIACIN AND OMEGA-3. In fact, giving whole fish is a much better way to give your dog Omega-3 fatty acids than fish oil, which is very unstable and can easily become rancid.
  • STRONG HEART & CLEAR HEAD. Herring is loaded with EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). These fatty acids help prevent heart disease and keep the brain functioning properly.
  • HEALTHY BONES. Herring also comes packed with minerals important for skeletal health. It provides you with calcium, magnesium and phosphorus — three nutrients that your body uses to make hydroxyapatite, the mineral complex that makes up your teeth and bones. Herring’s protein content also nourishes your bones by helping you make proteins — such as collagen — that also contribute to bone strength.
  • RAW. PALEO. TASTY. From NORDIC WATERS – FREE FROM CONTAMINANTS. Thousands of dogs around the world are crazy about his treat. Pawrents claim, that this is the best dog snack that they’ve ever had.

Size: 100g packs

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