Mighty Mince – Poppys Picnic


Mighty Mince – Poppys Picnic

MIGHTY MINCE range is made using meat, offal, vegetables and a few nutritional extras to ensure your dog gets the best nutrition. These no-bone recipes  (as well as our POWER BALLS range) mean they are safe to cook! Yep, perfect for sensitive tummies or fussy dogs.

The bone has been replaced with powdered eggshells, a natural source of calcium making them fully balanced and complete so The Best option for those owners who want to feed cooked for dogs who can no longer cope with a raw diet, or need a cooked diet for any reason. You can easily cook this for your dog, or for dogs graduating from a cooked diet to raw, cook it and gradually each time cook it a little less until they are on fully raw.

There are four meals in this range: Chicken (Low fat), Beef, Lamb, Wild Boar (more coming soon!)


As with all of our other ranges, our recipes have been fine-tuned to meet the highest FEDIAF nutritional standards.
Our new eco trays are fully compostable or can be recycled with paper, reducing plastic use by over 90%.

Nutrition with added oomph! Tasty tender real meat and veg super boosted with botanicals, fresh herbs, seeds, berries and oils

No weird ingredients you don’t recognise, no chemicals, flavourings, fillers or artificial additives – just raw dog food, freshly prepared and frozen for your convenience.


Available in 450g packs in Beef, Chicken, Lamb, and Wild Boar

Influence of Diet on Genetics

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