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*Special Order Handmade Christmas Gift Bags (Deposit Required)


This option is for Special Custom Ordered Gift Bags available for Cats or Dogs
As these are handmade items a non-refundable £3 deposit is required per bag (this will be deducted from your end total)

This is ideal for:-
– Cats/Dogs with intolerances to certain proteins
– You want toys &/or supplements added into your gift bag
– You are on a budget/wanting to splash out a bit more
– Wanting to order big quantities for gifting to friends, family, customers etc

For big orders (10+) we ask you place order no later than end of October 2019 to give us the time to process all orders.
Small orders will be accepted up until end of November 2019
All orders are dependant on stock levels at the time of order.

When placing this order please fill out the note section further on with what you need specifically ie if you have a price range you are thinking of or certain proteins you want to be included etc (please note it is not possible to make any bags cheaper than our cheapest online bag)

All bags will be filled with stock that will last till earliest January 2020, many items will last longer but nothing will be dated closer.

As these are unique per customer design will vary per bag, the bags in the photo are just to give you an idea of what the gift bags look like

Once the bag is ready an email will be sent  with your total & the remaining balance can be paid by phone during shop hours

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