Training-at-Home Treat Bags


These treat deals make training at home so much easier and come in 3 sizes to suit everyone.
State protein choices in customer comments when placing order.

Treat Bag 1 – Usually £15 – Our Price £13.50
1 x 85g JR single protein Training Treats (choice Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Kangaroo, Beef, Lamb, Ostrich, Rabbit, Salmon, Venison, Goat, Seabass)
1 x 150g Fresco Treat Bones (choose Beef, Chicken, Rabbit, Turkey or Venison)
1 x 200g Meatlove Sausage: (choice Poultry, Buffalo, Salmon, Duck, Horse, Meat & Cheese)
100g Dried Fish-skin cubes
100g Salmon & Trout Tiddlers

Treat Bag 2 – Usually £20 – Our Price £18.00
same as 1 PLUS:
1 x 80g Meatlove Sausage (choice Buffalo, Horse, Poultry, Meat & Cheese, Turkey, Goat, Venison, Camel, Rabbit & Duck)
1 x 75g Dried Fish Crunchies (choice White Fish & GLM, White Fish & Turmeric, Red & White Fish + Chamomile, Red Fish & Glucosamine, Red Fish & Parsley, Red Fish & Fennel, White Fish & Kelp)

Treat Bag 3 – Usually £25.00, Our Price £22.50
same as 2 PLUS:
1 x 60g Pheasant Bites

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